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full story mainOZ Bin Cleaning cleaned its first bin in Sydney back in October 2001. It was founded by Mark Campbell with an idea to provide a reliable repeat bin cleaning service. Cleaning services include wheelie bin cleaning, commercial waste container deep washing and much more. With a background in finance it was a big leap and change into an unknown market. The vision was clear & shared with his wife Penny, and so commenced the OZ Bin Cleaning story.

Mark & Penny are pioneers in the bin cleaning industry, building a brand and creating a demand for a service that was virtually non-existent. Educating business’, individuals and just about anyone that would listen on the benefits professional bin cleaning provided to not only the client but as importantly to the environment.
That was 2001 and today OZ Bin Cleaning is Australia’s leading bin cleaning company.

In 2005, Gary & Mary Kellet based in Brisbane, QLD weary from running in the rat race, started to investigate potential business ventures. After years of kissing toads, the OZ Bin Cleaning business appealed to their selection criterion of simple, niche, low overheads and abundant growth. They shared the same passion and commitment as Mark & Penny to building an ethical business.

A new chapter evolved in the OZ Bin Cleaning story. Gary & Mary built the QLD arm of the business, working with Mark & Penny and sharing many trials and successes along the way. OZ Bin Cleaning QLD is now a successful Australian business that supports a growing franchise network.

In 2008, Mark & Penny saw an opportunity to commence operating in Victoria further committing to the OZ Bin Cleaning brand. Strengthening the business on the East Coast of Australia and providing OZ Bin Cleaning clients the same quality and reliability.

After migrating to Adelaide in 2006 from the UK, Ian and Jayne Lamb looked to start a customer friendly business. In 2011 Ian came across the OZ Bin Cleaning business and was immediately impressed. Sharing the obvious passion and commitment and bringing a wealth of knowledge in housing, finance and local government to the OZ Bin Cleaning family. Ian & Jayne hit the road running and today they are proud to be part of OZ Bin Cleaning, the number one Bin and Waste Container cleaning company in Australia. They strive to be the most respected and professional business in Adelaide whilst developing a great, friendly relationship with all their customers.

That is OZ Bin Cleaning today, from one man and a trailer with a vison to a well-established brand with an enviable reputation supported by directors committed to leading a growing franchise network and remaining at the forefront in the market place.

At OZ, we continually strive to innovate and improve the services we provide in an environmentally friendly way. We have prided ourselves on upholding environmentally friendly practices since the start.

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