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KESAB Environmental Solutions and OZ Bin Cleaning Partnership

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G"South Australia leads the way in waste management systems, recycling and resource recovery.

"There are an estimated 500,000 waste and recycling bins in use throughout SA, plus thousands of commercial and FEL (Front End Lift) waste bins collected regularly from shopping centres, business and industrial sites.


Ian and Jayne Lamb, OZ Bin Cleaning, Western Australia.

"KESAB environmental solutions has a long histroy working with councils, industry and community encouraging best practices and environmental sustainability through litter reduction and improved waste to resource diversion.

"OZ Bin Cleaning is a great example for all South Australian households, commercial and retailer sectors to jump aboard and enhance our efforts to reduce the impact of potential litter spill and unpleasant odours from waste bins.

"Combined with the opportunity to facilitate water conservation measures through the bin cleaning process we can all achieve outcomes of a healthier and cleaner South Australia."

Prepared by: John Phillips, Executive Director, KESAB environmental solutions.

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