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10-year anniversary for Mark & Penny

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Special congratulations to Mark and Penny Campbell who have celebrated their 10-year anniversary with OZ Bin Cleaning! Mark and Penny joined the Company in 2001 by acquiring the Master Licence for New South Wales and establishing the OZ Bin Cleaning brand in Australia. This anniversary is a very special milestone for them and our growing global business.

Mark and Penny commented that 10 years ago they would never have believed that OZ Bin Cleaning would have grown to where it is today and they take great pride in playing a significant role in the company’s development.

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Mark Harvey Managing Director UK (second left) joins the Australian Master Licence holders to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Mark and Penny Campbell (centre).

Mark recalls that the business has changed considerably but he feels even more confident in where it is going. Mark and Penny demonstrated their commitment by reinvesting in the business in 2005 by buying the Master Licence for Victoria, and then overseeing new Masters join in 2005 from Queensland and in 2011 from South Australia. Penny added: “The business has gone from strength to strength, so the decision to commit ourselves for a further 10 years was an easy one to make.”

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